2 hours in the morning they will put you in the 2% club!

Do you set yourself up for failure every morning? If you press replay over and over again, yes you do, but you didn’t know until now. Two years ago I was in your situation. My dream was to be a successful person, you know, the kind of people who are always motivated and get things done in no time. I always knew that waking up early would change my life, but the problem wasn’t waking up early, it was sleeping early.

As you can relate, I thought I didn’t have what it takes to have an amazing morning routine that will turn into a success story in a couple of years. It was just a dream I wanted, yes it was, not anymore!

Are these statements familiar to you?

• I’ll get up early tomorrow.

• I’ve slept late, so I should get more sleep.

• I don’t do anything useful in the morning anyway, so why should I get up early?

• I am simply not the right person for growth and success, I lack discipline.

If you identify with one or all of these and nod your head, this guide will definitely save you from the fight.

I won’t even mention the agonizing impacts of wasting your tomorrows because you’re living them. Let’s start with the benefits and how those benefits will change your life in a better way.

The first and best, waking up early will give you mental strength. You are probably saying, “I wake up early every day to go to work or school and there is no mental advantage!” Okay, I have some questions for you: what do you do when you wake up? Check your emails? Or social media? Or are you in a rush to get to work / school on time? Another question: what do you do for yourself? To have mental strength, you must work on yourself. According to a study contacted by the American Psychological Association, having a good routine early in the day will reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. More than that, your satisfaction level will increase which will turn into happiness.

Second, a good starting routine will provide you with physical benefits. For example, I do a hundred push-ups after I wake up (of course, it’s not the only exercise I do throughout the day), which boosts my energy for the day. I’m not suggesting you do push-ups, you can practice yoga or even go for a walk. Another physical benefit of having a good morning routine is consuming fewer calories. I did an experiment with a group of twenty people, ten of us slept late for the next month, while the rest slept early. As a result, late sleepers end up eating more because late sleepers make you hungry, which is why you tend to eat more, which over the years turns into obesity.

Third, a good start always brings spiritual rewards. Visualizing your success gives you inner peace. I remember visualizing myself working as a freelancer and earning enough money to travel while working. And that gave me enough motivation every day to work towards my ambitions, therefore my relationships with people improved both at home and at work. When you work for what you envision today, at some point you will make it come true. Of course, practicing visualization is not the only way to have inner peace. Meditation, journaling, or making a list of what you are grateful for will also help.

Of course, there are many other benefits to waking up early, but in my opinion, the ones above are dominant over other benefits. What more would you ask for if you are mentally strong, healthy as a model and at peace with yourself, right?

I hope you are ready to create your own amazing morning routine! No, don’t say “but I’m not a morning person.” It all starts in your mind, so change your mind and be positive by getting up early. “Beliefs that we have that are so deeply ingrained that we don’t even realize they guide our attitudes and behaviors,” said author Ramit Sethi. In simpler words, what you believe is your reality. Then you better start believing that you are an early bird.

Your morning routine doesn’t start in the morning; starts the night before. Here are five things you need to do to build a habit from Rob Norback’s ‘Habit Starter Checklist’. First, always remember the habit you want to create, in this case it is to wake up early. Second, break it down into small parts to make it easier and more feasible, make a routine decision regarding your new habit. For example, what activities will you include in your morning routine. Third, know what rewards it will bring you. How I did this, I wrote how creating and following a morning routine will improve my life on a piece of paper and I read it every day. Fourth, visualize your success with your morning routine. Finally, record the progress, it will definitely encourage you to continue.

If you have trouble sleeping due to stress, anxiety, and uncertainty (worrying about the future) of the future, as I had in the past. I highly recommend that you write negative thoughts like these on a piece of paper, then fold it, tear it, and finally throw it away. By doing this, you push negative thoughts out of your head and physically do something to them that is extremely comforting.

Another useful activity to relax before sleeping; deep breath, silence your inner voice, so that it does not bother you; Think of good things, read a book, write a journal, or expect a great night’s sleep. There is no set way to relax before bed, you can find which one works for you by trying them.

It’s time to chase your dreams, and since the day starts in the morning, you should have a good morning routine. Start by encouraging yourself, I think this is the first thing to do in the morning. ‘Today is going to be the most productive day of my life’, this is what I tell myself when I wake up. You may find different ones for yourself, like ‘Today I’ll be in my prime’, you got the idea.

Every time I wake up and cheer up, I get out of bed and start doing push-ups right away, of course there are many other exercises you can do. For example, sit-ups, walking, jogging, even dancing, do whatever you want for about twenty minutes to fill you with energy.

Cold water is the enemy of sleep if you can take a cold shower then do it, however if not, just wash your face with cold water. Are you feeling awake? Now say why you are grateful, you can make a list if you want. This is what I am thankful for:

• Being able to wake up

• Live the life I’ve always dreamed of

• Do exercise

• Delicious breakfast

• Friend

• Go to the movies and have a good time with my partner

• Be able to finish my projects on time

Read them all out loud (yours will of course be different), by doing this you will hack your brain that you are a successful person and therefore more achievements await you today.

Take your time creating your morning routine, creating my current morning routine took me two years. At first, I set my alarm clock for 5am and believed it would give me more energy and productivity. On the contrary, it gave me nothing but drowsiness, when you do something gradually your chances of success are more likely. Let’s say you normally wake up at 6 am the next day at 5:45. Then gradually continue until you reach your wake-up time goal by setting your alarm clock 15 to 30 minutes in advance. In short, start small, be persistent, and you will achieve your goal when it comes time to wake up.

Like I said before, take your time, I didn’t develop my winning morning habit in one day, but in two years. Don’t put too much into your morning routine when you’re first, I made that mistake. I read books, I meditated, I exercised, I worked; however, it did not fill me with happiness and I thought about giving up many times. Build your perfect morning routine gradually, for example, exercise, after exercise becomes a habit, read a book after exercise. You don’t get the whole building in one day, you build it and it takes time.

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