Why we won’t use neem oil as a natural preservative

Neem oil is a natural product derived from the seeds and fruits of the evergreen neem tree. It is used in more than a hundred pesticide products and has important applications in organic farming and medicines. It has been used as a pesticide for hundreds of years and is considered safe (1). These days, neem […]

How to prevent a dachshund puppy from biting

Dachshunds are tenacious, independent and intelligent, originally bred to hunt and kill badgers. These characteristics have been passed down from generation to generation and can cause problems with barking, biting, and aggression if dachshunds are not well trained from a young age. As soon as you see your Dachshund puppy bite, it’s time to tackle […]

A brief summary of contract law: key terms, common defenses and general recommendations

Many individuals and companies enter into contracts without fully understanding the terms. Often neither party is clear about what the contract requires in terms of performance standards, remedies for non-compliance, and whether unwritten terms can supplement the written contract. This publication is intended to provide a quick guide to some key terms and issues that […]

Effective rewards and incentives for your team

You’ve probably got a pretty solid idea of ​​the personality types that make up your team. You’ve probably also figured out what your team’s strengths and weaknesses are. Depending on where your team is located, you can start designing rewards and incentives to produce exactly what you strive for. In doing so, there are some […]

The most popular Christmas toys of 2008

The 12 best gifts for Christmas 2008 “It has been a challenging year for all companies, but as a retailer I am delighted to see innovation continue to emerge. Even in an economic downturn, children still need exciting and good value toys to entertain and inspire their creativity.” The toys predicted to dominate children’s holiday […]