WiMax, VoIP and the metropolitan area network

The emerging IEEE 802.16 standard, commonly known as WiMAX, promises to provide last-mile wireless broadband Internet access capable of transporting data-intensive applications, such as VoIP and video streaming, to metropolitan area networks, as well as suburban and rural communities. WiMAX is considered a disruptive technology, designed as an alternative to fixed line DSL and coaxial […]

NC Cash Lottery Tips 5: Learn How To Win Today

Don’t assume you’ll never win the Cash 5 lottery. By applying effective strategies and tips to your game plan, you can win the jackpot without spending thousands of dollars on lottery payroll. There are different types of lottery games, and this article will talk about the most effective NC Cash 5 lottery tips for lottery […]

Sergeant Audie Murphy and the Roles and Responsibilities of the Contemporary NCO

How Sergeant Audie Leon Murphy Influenced Contemporary NCO Roles and Responsibilities Sergeant Audie Leon Murphy’s exceptional leadership style, unprecedented military bearing, and gut strength positively influenced the roles and responsibilities of the contemporary NCO. Over the course of what many would consider an extraordinary life, Sergeant Audie Murphy had his humble beginnings as the son […]

Is critical thinking overrated or underused in higher education?

Critical thinking is listed as a desired skill or preferred outcome within many higher education courses. It is something that students are expected to demonstrate through their participation in class and learning activities. It may appear in a rubric and / or be indicated in the course syllabus, depending on the requirements of the program […]

How to stop a yorkie from digging where you don’t want them to

If you want to prevent your Yorkie from burrowing where you don’t want it, the following steps may help: Give your Yorkie plenty of exercise Giving your dog plenty of exercise reduces excess energy that Yorkies often have. They dig to release this accumulated energy. The more exercise your dog gets, the less likely he […]