Current Issues with the Draft COSO Framework Update

Failures within the COSO Framework community In 1992, COSO released its original COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework. This framework was in response to the requirements of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977. Stakeholders of the framework have raised the following issues in their comments on the COSO 2012 draft update: 1. Most […]

Sun X4100 Server – LSI Controller and Firmware Update

Overview This article covers the best procedure for updating your ILOM firmware. I found the SUN documentation very sparse on this important topic. I read your PDFs and decided to use ILOM to do this instead of the command line where it was a bit more documented. The scenario I found myself in was that […]

Anniversary gifts for her: To celebrate 2 months of dating

They have been dating for almost 2 months now and it feels wonderful, isn’t it? To show your girlfriend how much you enjoy her company, some second month anniversary gifts for her would be a great idea. These gifts should not be too extravagant or they will send the wrong signal. Girls love it when […]

Dry cat food made easy for owners and superior nutrition for pets

A cat’s health is directly related to the food it eats. And as a responsible pet owner, you decide what’s on the menu. While there is plenty to choose from, dry cat food is the most convenient option for both owners and their felines. Main reasons to make the change Why dry? Well, actually there […]

Weight Loss: 5 Tips for Success (For Men Only)

Weight Loss: What works for women doesn’t necessarily work for men. Compared to women, men rarely seek professional advice when it comes to losing weight. And if they do, they certainly won’t bother with the food pyramid or calorie count. What works for men and what doesn’t? New research from the Self-Help, Exercise, and Diet […]