CO2 Laser Fractional Recovery: What to Expect

Fractional CO2 laser offers many great benefits: uses the gold standard CO2 laser for skin resurfacing and treats the effects of sun damage, aging facial skin, brown spots, skin discoloration and acne scars. It can tighten the skin, even out skin tone and color, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the size of large […]

The pros and cons of having a ferret as a pet

My ferrets “dook” dance the war dance and “slide” between my feet, and make my husband, children and I smile. For my family, ferrets make great pets. My husband thinks they’re better than dogs, and we all prefer ferrets to cats. However, ferrets are very different from cats and dogs: their behavior, scent, motivations, and […]

15 San Francisco Coffee Shops You Must Visit Before You Die

Diners are dime a dozen in San Francisco. Seriously, there are over 300 coffee shops in the entire city, that’s about 6 per square mile! Why are there so many? SF is a world leader in the third wave progressive coffee movement, a movement that aims to produce high-quality coffee as a craft product, like […]

Home security strategies that will get you up to speed

When it comes to home security, it’s unfortunately easy to get left behind. Constant technological innovations and changes mean that updates are constantly needed, and this is something that puts off many people, as they assume that this will mean frequent and considerable monetary investments. While it’s undeniable that staying current on security will require […]

Gold Coast: the mecca of adrenaline and superheroes

Australia’s Gold Coast boasts an endless playground for families and has become a mecca for theme park addicts. Whether you’re looking to challenge some of the tallest and fastest rides in the world, interact with nature’s best animals, or simply seek an aquatic adventure, you won’t be disappointed. The theme park capital of Australia boasts […]

Are your headlines missing these precise psychological triggers?

Are you avoiding learning about headlines because you’re not a copywriter? Better not, because it doesn’t matter if you do a PowerPoint presentation, a sales call or write an email, you will need this information. The last thing you need is a headline that goes glug glug and brings down your marketing strategy with it. […]