The four dimensions of a three-dimensional space-time-reality

By definition Space-Time-Reality has three dimensions, each of which has its own four dimensions: The dimension of reality: Reality it is a dimension of space-time-reality. The reality of a space-time-reality is determined by the perspective dimension of a particular time and space. It is determined by an individual’s particular perspective of the here and now. […]

Part One: Will China’s Coalbed Methane Projects Make a New Energy Billionaire?

Even Randeep S. Grewal’s enemies admire his business savvy. Few would be surprised if the Green Dragon CEO one day appears on Forbes magazine’s billionaire list. His recent company share offering on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM, which started with a market capitalization of US$525 million, was a rather bold move, surprising some. Green Dragon […]

Artificial intelligence in smart cities: how does it make the city smarter?

Smart cities are cities that use different types of electronic IoT to collect data and then use this data to efficiently manage assets and resources. Pune is a smart city located in India; Citizens living in Pune do not need to rely on traditional forms of communication with their local public services and service agencies. […]

Maintenance of fire fighting equipment and its importance

Fire equipment protects people and businesses during fire accidents. It keeps people safe wherever they live and work. Regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment intended for the safety of the occupants in accordance with the relevant standards is very important. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections are performed to ensure equipment functionality and […]