St. Lucia Attractions to Consider for a Vacation in Paradise!

When you travel to St. Lucia, you’ll have warm weather, fantastic beaches, great shopping, luxurious spas, gourmet restaurants, adventure activities, and of course, a great place to relax and enjoy views of the Piton Mountains! The island has so many attractions for you to consider when planning your next vacation that no other place can […]

Marpac 980A White Noise Machine – Sleep Soundly at Last

We first knew we had to do something when I was convinced that our upstairs neighbors had bought wooden shoes for their two children. We found that a white noise machine could make a world of difference and also protect us from much more noise pollution. Noise is recognized by many people as one of […]

Book Summary: Launching a Leadership Revolution Written by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady

Everything goes up and down in leadership. The destiny of our country in the coming years will be determined by employment and small/medium enterprises. To run these organizations effectively, leadership is needed. Orrin and Chris do an excellent job of outlining the five stages of leadership. Why is this important to me? I don’t want […]

Suplimente pentru imunitate la copii

pentru imunitate la copii Cu școala din nou în sesiune, este important să menținem sistemul imunitar al copiilor sănătos. Din fericire, anumite vitamine și nutrienți pot ajuta. Dar o dietă care include alimente integrale și suficient somn, exerciții fizice și imunizări actualizate poate susține, de asemenea, imunitatea. suplimente pentru imunitate la copii Vitamina C este […]

Prps Jeans – Which ones are real and which ones are fake?

Prps Jeans are luxury ‘super-denim’ denim products that are the culmination of decades of research and design to grow and ship cotton; the weaving of cotton into denim and then the craft behind turning raw denim into a wearable product. The cotton used in the creation of Prps (pronounced ‘PRPS’ or ‘Purpose’) garments is specially […]

Those millions of Americans with little education: what do they do?

What did you do? Those millions of poorly educated Americans who, as tweens and later as teenagers over the last forty years, took the twelve years of free public education provided to them from the ages of six to eighteen, far less than seriously, who eventually nonchalantly walked through the graduation ceremony. stages of receiving […]