Customer retention strategies for your brand

As the economic climate continues to put pressure on businesses large and small, retaining current customers becomes even more vital to the health and growth of these businesses. Here are four essential ways you can be sure to retain your customer base and build customer loyalty: Stay in regular contact with them through a consumer […]

Finding the right kitchen organizers for you

In the house, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. In the kitchen, you make three meals every day, plus snacks. Therefore, your kitchen needs to be cleaned, tidied up and kept in order frequently. The most common problem with kitchen organization is the inefficient use of valuable cabinet space and any other […]

How Does Experiential Design Contribute to Continuous Improvement?

How Does Experiential Design Experiential design is a philosophy that insists space planners, interior designers and architects ask themselves what makes each physical space add value to the people who use it. This question isn’t just relevant to museums, theme parks and retail stores; it can be asked about schools, offices, warehouses and any other […]

Fitness myths: separating fact from fiction

Whether you’re looking to lose 10-15 pounds of fat or add 10-15 pounds of lean muscle mass, it’s important to first face some of the biggest lies/myths in the fitness industry. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your precious time and could even harm your health in the long run. For starters, the myth/belief that […]

From foreplay to positive messages: why people love romance novels

Growing up, romances were considered the worst books to read in my house. At least some romances were. High school and children’s literature novels were acceptable to read from time to time and the classics were always fine. But traditional romances with a man and woman embracing on the cover? Those were vulgar, poorly written, […]

Bowling – a great way to make friends for life

There aren’t many things that bring people together more than having a common interest. This is especially true for bowling. Bowling has given me the opportunity to make great friends that will last a lifetime. I have lived in four different states in my life. I’m turning 30 this year. It wasn’t until I moved […]