Home Staging to sell your house in Orlando, Florida, fast for the best price

Is it difficult for you to sell your house? Have you been on the market for months only to receive disappointing offers or worse, no offers? Why do some houses fly off the market in just days or short weeks and others don’t? As a professional Home Stager, I get asked this question a lot. […]

How to adjust cabinet doors that won’t close

From time to time we have been faced with the challenge of trying to adjust a client’s kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors that won’t close. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps I can address your particular situation and offer a solution to the problem. independent unitsIf you are working with a “freestanding” cabinet that […]

Clear Adhesive Paper: Creative Uses and Tips

What is transparent contact paper? Clear contact paper is a self-adhesive product that comes in rolls of material, typically eighteen inches wide and nine feet long per roll. Paper is durable and also waterproof, making it a great way to protect items from stains and water damage. Contact paper can be used to line cabinets […]

Drilling a filing cabinet lock

Filing cabinets are typically used in office environments. They are used for the storage of important and/or confidential files and documents. In addition to files and documents, filing cabinets are also generally used to store office supplies such as bond paper, pens, pencils, envelopes, folders, tape, staplers, staple wires, fasteners, and many other things. When […]

How to Lay Seamless Travertine Tile Successfully

Laying a seamless travertine tile floor (ie without grout) is a skill you can easily develop. It only takes a little knowledge, a few tools, patience, and diligence to complete this job successfully. There is no need to be intimidated by this type of project. After all, if the ancient Romans and Greeks could do […]

Lateral filing cabinets: function and style

Although the most common type of filing cabinet found in the office or home is the vertical filing cabinet, a lateral filing cabinet has numerous attractive advantages. Built with strength, volume, and style in mind, a lateral file cabinet can hold large amounts of paperwork with less floor space. It is also more efficient compared […]