Florida Space Coast Scenic Drives: Indian River Drive, Cocoa Village to Sharps

If there’s one clear advantage to living in an area for most of your life, it’s knowing where the real hidden gems are in your area, those places that really give you a sense of place, that remind you why you love living where you are. and with a simple detour off a road less […]

Keep lines of communication open between management and staff

“One thing that always frustrated me was the lack of communication between management and staff. Management would change the policy and not notify staff. Then staff members would get in trouble for not following the new policy.” When we see people as titles and positions, it’s easy to make assumptions based on stereotypes. The lack […]

Diabetes and Insulin Resistance: The Blood Sugar Secret Drew Carey Discovered

Reruns of The Price is Right were playing recently. When I saw Drew Carey I was breathless, I couldn’t believe how much weight he had gained. All I could think was, “He’s a walking heart attack!” Then I saw a Facebook post saying he’d cured his own diabetes and lost 80 pounds—the new skinny Drew […]

3 Ways to Have Fun and Avoid Weight Gain on a Gluten-Free Diet

Once upon a time there was a woman who adored her cookies and cakes. found that he was much better off without them. How sad her life seemed as she searched for alternatives to gluten. The gluten-free cookies, cakes, and mixes were extremely high in carbohydrates such as tapioca starch, bean flour, potato starch, and […]

Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects – Is It Safe To Breastfeed While Taking Hoodia Diet Pills?

Many women worry about shedding extra pregnancy weight once their baby is born. The race begins immediately after birth to return to their pre-pregnancy weight and regain their normal figures as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in this situation and decide that the easiest and most effective way to achieve this goal is […]