Assumptions in the negotiations

You will often hear that you should not assume, and what makes “you” and “me”. However, we all make assumptions, and they are actually an important part of negotiations. When entering a negotiation, we must review our own assumptions and anticipate the assumptions of the other party. There is nothing wrong with making assumptions. The […]

Key factors to consider when buying an investment property

Buying investment property discreetly is perhaps a sure-fire way to build long-term wealth. Since the stock markets are too volatile, the investor is anxious and often seeks refuge in real estate, which clearly implies less uncertainty than other investment options. Although the real estate industry has fallen somewhat since its zenith in the late 1980s, […]

Real Estate Investors – How to Use Private Loans with Leasing Options

Buying properties at a discount and then leasing them to a tenant/buyer works well in today’s market. First, it gives the tenant the opportunity to buy their dream home, even if they don’t have perfect credit or a large down payment. If you can offer financing to the seller-tenant, so much the better for both […]

Online Real Estate Marketing Plan – Part 6 – How to Use a Free Tracking System to Get More Leads

You have learned that with the email addresses captured from website visitors you can set up an automatic email tracking system. You’ve learned that most website visitors who email you and become part of this tracking system will eventually become your customers. wow. It’s like a salesperson’s dream come true. Actually, it IS a seller’s […]

The power of "non-linkable debt" to a real estate investor

Isn’t it great that there are so many ways to get financing for real estate investment projects today? That’s important since sellers want to get paid for their houses when they sell them…right? Now, just because there are what seems like endless sources of funds doesn’t mean those funds are easy to get… or when […]

How to sell your house to a We Buy Houses real estate investor: can they really solve my problems?

So you need to sell your house, but you’re under time constraints. Being stuck in a bad economy and real estate agents selling houses slower than ever, how on earth will you be able to sell an unwanted house? Well, welcome to the New Year, ladies and gentlemen. In the new decade you have several […]

House Flip For Profit: 7 Tips For House Flipping Success In Any Market

1. Prepare – Now that you’ve decided to start selling houses for a profit, it’s time to get your goals and expectations right. Calculate how much cash you have available for this investment. Make sure you have enough money to cover a twenty percent down payment, home remodeling, and enough cash on hand to cover […]