Customer Appreciation: Should You Include Your Business Card With A Thank You Note?

When you send someone a thank you note, do you include your business card on the thank you card? Some people think you should because it is another opportunity to put your contact information in front of them. It is another chance for them to have their card on their desk to remember. The problem is that when you paste your card onto a thank you card, there is unconsciously a small promotional element on the thank you card. The thank you card becomes a little more about you and a little less about thanking the person you send it to, and that’s the last thing you want.

You don’t want people to think that you don’t sincerely appreciate them and you don’t want them to think that you’re doing it just to promote and put your name in front of them. If you ask someone who received a thank you card from you that it had your business card on it, they probably never thought anything about it. It is on a subconscious level that this arises for people. They probably read it and put it aside.

The purpose of a business card is to identify you. If you have enough of a relationship with someone that you need to thank them, that person already knows who you are. They will know who you are by what you said in the note and by your signature at the bottom. They don’t need your business card to remind them who you are.

It will probably also have a return address label that has your contact information on it. When they see that on the envelope, they know whose it is. When they open it and read what you said, it reminds them of something they have done for you and, again, they remember that experience for which you are thanking them. The third identifier is your signature at the bottom.

You don’t even have to include your business name after signing. If it’s a contact you don’t know well, it might be fine, but don’t go overboard and put your card on it. The purpose of a business card is to help people have your contact information. You already have it in the envelope and they probably already know who you are if they have done something for which you are thanking them.

Don’t give the subconscious message that it’s not just about appreciation, that part of the reason for the note is to promote yourself. Do it with the sincerity of your heart. Put down the business card. Save yourself a few pennies and save that card for a network exchange where it’s more appropriate to put it there.

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