Do you love the Muppets? Make your own Gonzo costume for Halloween

How would I dress up as a Muppet for Halloween? Does that mean there’s a party and I’m invited? Let me think about that for a moment. Good question. I think I’ll go with a Gonzo costume.

Now that my own kids are all grown up, I had to go Google and check out Gonzo’s image to jog my memory of what he looks like. The muppets sure have staying power. They have been around for a long time. The oldest is 25 years old and he used to see them all the time.

I really like Gonzo. I’ve been going over things in my head about how I could make myself a Halloween costume without spending too much money, if possible at all. I think a Gonzo outfit would be the easiest to complete.

I could wear a suit or some kind of themed outfit that I should be able to find in my husband’s closet. The head piece is a bit more difficult to put together. One idea is to make a hood that wraps around the neck out of blue or gray-blue fabric.

I think maybe if I use some kind of face paint I can create the big eyes with white and yellow. In the various pictures I’ve looked at, his nose is blue in one picture, yellowish brown in another, and purple in the third. But if I can’t do it, I know of a good Gonzo mask I could buy.

But I think if I take a colored sock or tights and stuff it with stuffing, it would make her nose long. You might as well fit it under the hood somehow. The rest of my face could be tinted with a blue makeup or face paint to match the hood. A few pieces of yarn attached to the top of the hood would work as her hair.

And since his hands are hairy, I was thinking a pair of gloves might work if I can find a pair that matches the color of the hood. Of course, if I buy fabric to make the hood, I could get a little more to make a pair of gloves.

But I really like Gonzo, so I think I’ll try to put together what I hope is a reasonable facsimile in my own handmade Gonzo costume. It will be fun to see if it works out. I wonder if others will recognize who he is. And if the worst comes to the worst and I just don’t have the time or the skill to make my own Gonzo costume, then I guess I’ll have to buy a pre-made Gonzo costume as my last option.

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