Find the perfect countertop to match your No Top Double Vanity

When you are decorating or remodeling your bathroom, your bathroom vanity should not only match your personal tastes and style, it should also complement your bathroom theme and increase its usability and enhance its ambience. Whether you like traditional, modern, more ornate or elegant designs, your vanities should fit the space and style of your home.

Once you have purchased a topless double vanity, it is important to choose the right vanity top to provide a perfect stylish d├ęcor. The vanity top van can be purchased or custom built based on your choice. There are a number of options for you.

You will need a couple of sink bowls as well to fit them together with the top. Lids and bowls come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. You must make the correct selection of sizes to ensure that the top and sinks fit the vanity in depth and width. In general, the look of the countertop and sinks should go with the vanity and the look of your bathroom.

There are solid surfaces and cultured marble that give you the option of going for a countertop with integral sinks. Integral covers offer a seamless appearance that can be easily installed and cleaned.

solid surface:

Solid surface vanity tops are made from composite resins and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors in a matte finish. These caps are stain resistant and quite durable. You can easily maintain them by simply sanding the surface. You can also get the bowls in a neutral color or a matching color. There is the option of opting for other types of bowls that can be attached to the top. You can also opt for a splash guard. These tops are comparatively less expensive than stone tops.

Cultured Marble:

This is a synthetic product made by casting polymers to form solid countertops. Generally, these tops are pre-made and come in various sizes, designs, and patterns. You can choose between a glossy and matte finish. These tops are cheaper, but you only get a few options. These are susceptible to burns, scratches and wear. These cost about the same as laminated tops.


Tops made of veneers give a solid surface. Solid Surfacing Veneer provides nearly the same look, feel and durability as other solid veneers. They are usually glued to a fiberboard base. Solid surface veneers are much cheaper than regular solid surfaces.

Natural stone:

Natural stones made up of marble, granite and a variety of other stones. They offer a wide range of beautiful natural colors and textures with highly polished gloss finishes. Most stones are resistant to water and heat. Some are soft and need to be sealed to prevent staining.

Natural stone tops can accept separate undermount type bowls made from different materials such as glass, cast iron, steel, porcelain or stone. Sinks are attached to the vanity top by manufacturers. You can also get these tops with a separate backsplash for your topless double vanity. Natural stone tops are more expensive and more popular. The price of stone tops varies depending on the type of stone, color and veining or pattern.

Engineered Stone:

Engineered stones are artificially made. Quartz and silica are bonded together under high pressure at an elevated temperature. These stones are produced in a wide variety looking like marble, granite and other stones. They come in various patterns, colors, and polished and gloss finishes. These stones do not require any sealing. These are more durable, less susceptible to stains, cracks and bacteria and will fit your topless double vanity.

Ceramic tops:

Ceramic tile countertops and porcelain sinks are also a common choice for many people. You can get a variety of them, mix and match them in countless ways.

You can choose a top for your topless double vanity from the above options based on your taste and budget.

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