How to be flexible, adaptable and adjustable: the formula for success

You must admit that today’s business and market landscape continues to change faster every day. You have noticed?

That’s why one of the most valuable skills you should have right now, whether business or individual, is flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to adjust. You need those vital traits to deal with the hard blows of change and the challenges we all face on the road to success.

Businesses and individuals that refuse to be flexible, adaptable, and adjustable will go the way of the dinosaur. You can watch them silently being replaced by those who know how to adapt and adjust to the challenges of the “new school”.

In fact, the market looks for companies and people who are flexible, adaptable and adjustable. For example, who would you personally prefer to do business with, hire or even have as a friend?

Someone who is rigid, stubborn, and firm in his ways? Or someone who is flexible, adaptable or adaptable to your needs?

The answer is obvious to most people. But you would be surprised how many companies or individuals neglect, even avoid developing these valuable skills. Your clients continue to be more and more demanding. That makes being flexible, adaptable, and adjustable even more critical to your future success.

The rich opportunities of tomorrow will go to those who can pass the test of flexibility, adaptability and adaptability. As opportunities increase, so will challenges. For example, unexpected circumstances, surprises and special problems that come your way will demand these 3 qualities.

Here are 3 simple yet powerful tips to make it more flexible, adaptable, and adjustable:

1. Be open-minded.

An open mind allows new ideas to come in and help you with your plans and goals. Answers, ideas and solutions come faster to an open mind. This is why it is such a powerful weapon to be flexible, adaptable and adjustable.

A poet once said, “An open mind is an opportunistic mind.” For example, it helps you see opportunities that others miss, dismiss, or neglect.

2. Be open to making corrections midway.

The next tip to be more flexible, adaptable and adjustable is to be willing to make corrections midway. You have to be like a guided missile.

To hit the target, a guided missile must sometimes make dozens of adjustments to its path, depending on changing conditions. For example, the wind, the speed or the movements that the target makes.

So, the same goes for you. You will need to be open and ready to make corrections midway based on the changing circumstances you may face.

3. Avoid routine thinking.

One of the easiest habits to adopt is routine thinking. Who can blame you? After all, it is always comfortable, cozy and familiar. But like anything comfortable, cozy, or familiar, too much can spell danger or even disaster. That doubles when it comes to routine thoughts. Why? Because it can blind you to opportunities and potential for growth.

For instance:

  • Routine thinking led experts to tell Thomas Edison that he was wasting his time trying to invent the light bulb.
  • Routine thinking made experts laugh at Steve Jobs when he first introduced his iTunes concept.
  • Routine thinking led many to ridicule Dr. Martin Luther King for his attempts to bring about non-violent social change..

Now can you see how shallow and myopic it can make you think of shallow and short-sighted routines, if you’re not careful?

Do you see how it can hinder or even stop progress?

That is why it is important to always be alert to avoid it. Warning: routine thinking is sneaky, silent, and cunning. And you can drag your mind off without warning if you let your guard down.

That’s why it’s important to avoid it if you want to stay flexible, adaptable, and adjustable. Because when routine thinking sets in, they go fast! Routine thinking can never occupy the same space with the FAA. Here’s why. They support and inspire two opposite results.

Take the time to follow these simple but powerful tips. They will help you overcome your business and life problems with more grace.

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