Increase the size of your penis with Natural Gain Plus

The use of natural gain plus can increase your penis when used with proper exercise. You should exercise your penis like you would any other part of your body. Today you will be shown two exercise programs to use in conjunction with more natural gain to increase the size of your penis.

There are several different exercises that you can use to enlarge your penis. Jelqing is preferred by men. Then there’s Kegel, which most men think is only for women, but it’s also an important exercise for men. Both exercises will be explained to you in this article. Just to remind you, you should do both exercises along with the natural benefit plus for best results.

But as with any exercise program, you have to stick with it for it to work. This means 30 minutes or so each day. Now, that may sound like a lot, but if you increase the length of your penis by 2″ or more, it’s probably worth it for most men.

Jelqing exercises – These are used to increase the length and girth of the penis and can be time consuming. Jelqing workouts are done daily, each session should last around 20-30 minutes. Jelqing exercises usually start with a warm up of the penis. The warm-up consists of a warm bath or a towel soaked in warm water that is applied to the penis. The warm up should increase the blood flow to your penis and prepare it for the Jelqing exercises.

Once the warm-up part is over, it’s time for the actual Jelqing exercise. You should only do this exercise with a semi-erect penis. Apply lubricant and be sure to grip the base of your penis to prevent any blood from leaking out.

Now milk your penis moving towards the head of your penis, that forces the blood towards the end of the penis. The average exercise is 100 to 200 jelqing movements. No ejaculation should occur, if you feel the urge stop then start again. If you start to feel pain, stop immediately.

You will start to see an increase in penis size after a few months of doing the jelqing exercise. Using natural gain plus along with jelqing exercise for several months to a year will increase the size of your penis. Gaining several inches is not uncommon.

Kegel exercises will tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus or “PC” muscles that form the pelvic floor. The health of these muscles plays an important role in sexual arousal, as well as other important bodily functions. Kegel exercises increase blood flow to the genital area. Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles that are involved in ejaculation, so men who do Kegels can gain greater control over the timing of their ejaculations.

This is how you first do the Kegel exercise, you squeeze your PC muscles as hard as you can for a count of three seconds. Now relax them. See how many times you can do this before your muscles feel tired.

Now you need to find a way to make this a routine habit to strengthen and tone your PC muscle. To start, do at least three to five strong squeezes and do them in sets along with the natural gain plus program.

Jelqing is the most common exercise, but it won’t hurt to include the Keling exercise as well. The sooner you start the natural gain plus program, which includes jelqing, the faster you will see results. You must be committed to the Natural Gain Plus program to get the best possible results.

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