The administration POSDC: an aid for students

Students need every advantage available when it comes to studies, whether they know it or not. They should take advantage of all available information, that is, research articles, white papers, periodicals, magazines, and yes… blogs.

This bit of information should prove useful to aspiring students of business administration, marketing, accounting, secretarial sciences, business law, and/or programming. These additional tools will help the student in his preparation to successfully undertake his management tasks. Management students will first need to learn about management POSDCs.

PLANNING: The process of setting goals and determining what needs to be done to successfully accomplish an organization’s assigned mission.

ORGANIZE: the process of assigning tasks, coordinating resources, structuring teams and work activities for the organization.

PERSONNEL: The process of building the team by trying to attract and retain qualified people in the organization.

LEADING: The process that provides leadership, organizes motivational opportunities, and builds a good work environment.

MONITOR: The process of setting company-wide standards, analyzing results, measuring actual performance, and monitoring to see if the standards have been met. Control also includes making the right decisions and corrective actions, if necessary.

Students must also become familiar with the management process and what is required to become a manager. The best managers are well-informed and acutely aware of the team’s needs. Team needs are met with managerial support reflecting alternatives and suggestions for a coordinated team solution.

The management process involves planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the use of resources to achieve anticipated performance goals. “All managers, regardless of title, level, type and organizational configuration, are responsible for all four functions. However, they are not achieved in a linear, step-by-step manner.” John R. Schermerhorn Jr. goes on to say… “The reality is that these functions are continually compromised as a manager moves from task to task and opportunity to job opportunity.”

While I agree with Mr. Schermerhorn, as well as several other experienced teachers and gurus of this profession, the ultimate goal of a manager is to help the company/organization achieve its maximum performance with the utilization of human and material resources. .

Henry Mintzberg wrote: “Although the management process may seem straightforward, things are more complicated than they first appear.” Ever-present email and instant messages are added to your executive/managerial operations list.

Remember my “IT and BI” message, the non-hyperbole of the marriage of Business Intelligence and Information Technology? “BI and virtual IT, methodically and basically go hand in hand.” Just look around you. Technology and management are everywhere. But to move up to the highest level(s) in management, one must start with the management POSDC.

Happy studies.

Until next time…

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