The Versatility of Today’s Carriage House Plans

Originally, the term “carriage house” needed little explanation: it was a shed to house horse-drawn carriages. Today, however, the term has taken on a different meaning. Since the once ubiquitous carriage has little use in modern society, many of the carriage houses that were built before automobiles were common now have different uses. Many have been upgraded to serve as a guest house, garage, storage space, or even as a bar, restaurant, or shop. Today, two-story carport plans generally consist of a garage-like space on the lower level and rooms on the upper level that may include possible space for hobbies or additional storage.

Modern carriage house plans offer functional second floor home layouts to suit various needs. These designs will always include a modest kitchen, a full bathroom, and a bedroom / sleeping space. Second floor layouts can also include special spaces and amenities such as:

An office

A recreation room

Storage space

A laundry room

Additional living space

Carriage house plans are an excellent solution for those who want to build a remarkably versatile space at a relatively low price. In fact, some even transition from the second level to an apartment and rent the space to students or other tenants, generating additional income for the owner. Others make use of modern garage plans as their only living space. On the right lot, it is possible to build affordable mobile home plans to serve as the primary living space for the owner. Those with simplistic lifestyles can save a lot in the long run.

Some mobile home designs are arranged on one level with the garage located on one side and the finished homes on the other. Those with elderly relatives or friends may wish to consider this style of transportation home planning to avoid the elderly having to climb stairs. If necessary, a two-story mobile home can be designed for easy access to the second level, so that an elderly person can enjoy a comfortable life near a relative or friends who take care of them.

Carriage house plans allow homeowners to enjoy a unique combination of classic architecture and modern functionality. With a little money and imagination, the carport can be used in many ways, for business or pleasure. Whether you want to build a new home or make an addition to an existing home, these highly versatile structures are worth considering.

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