What are the issues that can arise with landlords when renting student accommodation in Birmingham?

when renting student accommodation in Birmingham

Birmingham, UK’s second city, is a bustling hub of culture and industry that’s full of things to do. It’s also home to three iQ Student Accommodation locations – Penworks House, Broderick House and Studios 51 – so students staying at our properties can really get to know the city with its famous nightlife scene, thriving shopping centre and countless bars and restaurants.

Whether you want to head to Cadbury World on the outskirts of the city for a tour of the chocolate factory or see how Britain’s most iconic football team – Birmingham City F.C. – perform at Villa Park stadium, the best thing about shared student accommodation birmingham is that it’s on your doorstep. The same goes for the Bullring Shopping Centre where you can spend hours in high-street shops and eat at everyone’s favourite restaurants, or Birmingham’s cool and quirky Digbeth quarter, where microbreweries, street food events, and collective bakeries abound.

A big part of the appeal of our student houses and flats in Birmingham is that you can rent your place by the bedroom, rather than the whole property, which means you can split the cost of living with your friends or save some money for other things. Plus, our rent payment plans allow you to pay in one, three or seven instalments and all bills are included. You can also enjoy additional features, like bigger beds and better views, in our Premium rooms which are available at selected Birmingham properties.

What are the issues that can arise with landlords when renting student accommodation in Birmingham?

We have a wide selection of student apartments in birmingham, from luxury contemporary studio apartments to cosy traditional terraces and cottages. And all of them are within walking distance to the five universities in the city – so you’ll never have far to go for lectures or seminars.

You can make your booking by using our secure online booking system or calling us on 0333 005 8010. Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you your move in date and a welcome pack with all the information you need to start your life in Birmingham.

Living in student accommodation provides opportunities for cross-cultural learning and understanding. Engage with residents from different cultural backgrounds and take part in cross-cultural learning experiences. Participate in language exchange programs, cultural workshops, or intercultural events. Share your own culture and traditions while being open to learning about others. Engaging in cross-cultural experiences fosters empathy, respect, and global citizenship. It broadens your perspective, deepens your cultural competence, and prepares you for an interconnected world.

We offer a wide range of student houses and flats in Birmingham, from budget-friendly options to luxury contemporary apartments. You can even opt for premium properties with extra features, including larger beds and better views. Our properties are located across the city, but most are near University College Birmingham and Birmingham City University, so you can easily walk or take a bus ride to campus.

One popular option for students is university-owned or managed accommodation, commonly known as halls of residence. These purpose-built accommodations offer a range of room types, including en-suite, shared bathrooms, catered or self-catered options. Applying for university accommodation should be done through the university’s official channels, and it is essential to understand the application deadlines and requirements.

Private rentals are another popular choice for students in Birmingham. This option provides more independence and flexibility in terms of location and amenities. Online platforms and local estate agents can assist in finding suitable properties. When considering private rentals, ensure that the property meets safety standards, has a valid Gas Safety Certificate, and complies with local regulations.

Birmingham’s got a huge selection of buses, trains and trams to help you get around if you don’t have a car. If you do need to travel, remember to grab a Swift Pay As You Go card, so you can make fast and easy payments at stations and on board. The card also works at many pubs, restaurants and shops, so you can save money on your commute and shop local. You can also hire bikes from our bike sheds.

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