The history of craft beer is impressive

Today’s Ruhstaller beer depicts itself as a revival of the Ruhstaller Brewery of the late 1880s, both of which have a Sacramento beer and hop heritage. But the similarities between past and present continue with the strong commitment to locally sourced ingredients and quality. Today’s Ruhstaller’s has a California ingredient list that shows almost exclusively […]

Is mold in your home or office making you sick? How Invisible MVOCs Can Ruin Your Health!

Many of you have heard of the black mold scare. The media has created an incredible monster related to black mold and health problems! There is a great controversy surrounding this topic that has given rise to a multitude of opinions on this topic. I have heard things as diverse as “mold causes cancer” until […]

Paintballs: the difference between cheap and expensive paintballs

If you play paintball regularly, one of the biggest expenses behind the entire kit will be the paintballs. Because of this, some people choose to buy the cheapest paintballs they can get, while others are willing to buy the most expensive brands. So in this article I will describe the main differences between cheap and […]

Nintendo DS or Sony PSP: which is the best system?

Sega Game Gear? Say ah! It was as much a challenge for the reigning king of its day, the Nintendo Game Boy, as it would be a beer league football team against the Steelers. The fact is, Nintendo has been virtually unchallenged in the portable gaming arena since the original Game Boy, continuing through to […]

Is a tea party canceled this holiday season? Eleven Ways to Have a Cheap Holiday Tea Party

Has hosting a tea party been one of your Christmas traditions over the years? Will the economic crisis of 2008 cancel your party? Here are some ways you can get in the holiday spirit without spending a lot of money. 1. Suggest hosting a Christmas tea party together as a group by phone or email […]

Hotels in Krabi: a slice of Thai hospitality

The scenic beauty of Krabi, a lively province found in the southern region of Thailand, attracts large numbers of visitors every year. The pristine sandy beaches and beautiful islands just add to the beauty of this Thai province. Krabi is blessed with picturesque places that are worth a visit. There are a variety of hotels […]

Measuring Employee Engagement: Gallup’s 12 Questions (Q12)

Measure employee engagement How happy and productive are you at work? Some people love where they work and their boss. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most workers. One of the main reasons clients seek my help with executive coaching is a better work-life balance. A large number of the attorneys I advise are […]