Afro-Peruvian jazz, a child in the Latin jazz family

Afro-Peruvian jazz is an integral part of Latin jazz, a blend of traditional Afro-Peruvian rhythms and a penchant for improvisation, with the New York jazz scene of the 1980s and beyond. Guitarist Richard Zellon is generally credited with introducing this particular form of jazz to the United States. Another important figure is the trumpeter Gabriel […]

Internet Network Marketing: Why It’s The Right Business For Retail Professionals Now More Than Ever

I know all about the consequences of the current economic downturn. I guess you could consider me a victim. After spending about 12 years of my life in the golf retail business, managing three stores and putting in the 50 to 60 hour weeks that retailers don’t think about at all, it came to a […]

Gold Coast: the mecca of adrenaline and superheroes

Australia’s Gold Coast boasts an endless playground for families and has become a mecca for theme park addicts. Whether you’re looking to challenge some of the tallest and fastest rides in the world, interact with nature’s best animals, or simply seek an aquatic adventure, you won’t be disappointed. The theme park capital of Australia boasts […]


THE FAITH THAT MOVES MOUNTAINS: The way of the peaceful warrior it’s a great book that would allow people to see how they can cause change. It is written by Dan Millman who brings us the following from another of his books that is worth contemplating. “On an ordinary day, an angel appeared to a […]

Breast massage – a natural way to enlarge the breasts!

For years, breast massage has helped women naturally improve the size of their breasts. Breast massage stimulates the growth of healthy tissue and promotes the tone and firmness of the breasts. Massaging the breast helps create a good breast contour by improving the shape, tone, and growth of tissue in the areas surrounding the breast. […]

Why am I not more angry about my husband’s cheating?

Sometimes I hear from wives who are very surprised by their husband’s reaction after he is caught having an affair. Many had assumed that if they ever found out that her husband was cheating on them, they would be absolutely furious. When this does not happen or if this does not happen, they may be […]

Management Books

There are many books that are available in the market today. Management is best explained in these books in lucid, simple language with which most students are comfortable. Some of the best books on management are the following: A book titled ‘First, Break All the Rules’, written by Gallup’s Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. This […]

Lemesos Cyprus Travel Guide

Lemesos, also known as Limassol, is a lively Cypriot seaside town with many traditional shops and bars along with many tourist attractions. The oldest part of Lemesos has a 14th-century castle, a medieval fort, an archaeological museum, many traditional workshops, and an exciting market selling jewelry, silverware, leather goods, lace, and ceramics. Around the old […]