Home Decor: Choosing the Right Lights for Your Style and Needs

A successful lighting scheme that meets practical needs and creates atmosphere plays an important role in establishing the style and character of your home. There’s more to home lighting than a central pendant light supported by a pair of wall or table lamps. A well planned lighting scheme should be both practical and decorative. On […]

Top 10 Ways to Make Metal Work in Your Home

When most people think of metallic colors, the first thing that comes to mind is usually not home décor. Although we associate metallic colors like silver, gold, and bronze with machinery and hardware, you can easily blend them into your home in a beautiful and sophisticated way. Adding metallic is similar to adding a splash […]

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Essentials

Are you looking for different bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling options? If so, you better make sure you’re familiar with the options you have. It’s important to keep economy and practicality in mind, but never sacrifice quality when renovating parts of your home. Remember that this can be a very challenging task. But with the […]

Remodeling a powder room doesn’t have to be expensive.

The typical powder room—that half bathroom in your home with just a sink, toilet, and mirror—only averages four by five feet, but while it’s usually the smallest room in the house, your powder room can create a powerful impression on guests. In fact, given its small size and the amount of use it gets, especially […]

What are the advantages of a semi-recessed sink?

There are numerous styles and designs of bathroom sinks available on the market today, ranging from traditional pedestal sinks to sleek contemporary undermount sinks. However, one of the biggest trends in the market today is the semi-recessed sink, which has continued to gain popularity around the world. While all sink designs and styles have their […]

Options for travertine tile surfaces

Travertine tiles are very popular choices for use as pavers, entryways, kitchen tiles, and as a travertine bathroom finish. Travertine is actually a building and decoration material that has been used for several centuries. In fact, most of the structures built during the Ancient Roman times are made primarily of travertine stone and not marble […]