Breaking up cliques of youth groups

Cliques and gossip will infiltrate your youth group unless you take an active stand against them. Popular culture and social behavior have become so pervasive, and some church cultures so accommodating, that your youth group can simply become a reflection of “the world” without much godly effort on your part. Nowhere is this more evident […]

Empathetic Marketing Lessons Learned From My Scythe Wielding Days

Tales from the Crypt of Online Marketing – Vol. 6 How to differentiate yourself as a business leader in today’s economy My dad was, and still is, a practical man. While he was growing up, he would often give me odd jobs to do around the farm that seemed pretty unrealistic to pull off, at […]

5 More Ways to Earn Money at Your School Carnival – Updated for the 2010 School Year

A carnival is one of the best and most fun ways you can raise a significant amount of money for your school. However, the amount of work involved in turning your carnival into a real money maker can be intense. Here are five tips you can use to really increase your earning potential. 1. Use […]