How to deal with your family’s expectations at Christmas

Christmas can be a very stressful time for families, both financially and emotionally. Expectations around gift buying can put financial pressure on parents, putting further strain on the relationship between partners. Expectations around extended family events and interactions can also contribute to family pressure at this time. If you don’t clarify how you would really […]

Consumer Review of the New Professional Quality Juiceman Juice Machine, JM419SS

It is a known fact that creating our own healthy juices can be the beginning of many good things to come. Instead of buying juice at a store and not really knowing what’s in it, you can start living healthy today by making exciting new juices from fresh fruits and vegetables right at home with […]

How to implement speech therapy during the summer months

For children who have articulation problems, it is important that they practice speaking and language as much as possible. This often means that parents need to plan some activities while their child is out of school for the summer to help prevent any regression or delay in their progress. The best thing about speech therapy […]

Why do we eat turkey on Christmas day?

The festive period is filled with age-old traditions like eating turkey on Christmas Day. But how did this originate and why should we continue this tradition? It hasn’t always been traditional to eat turkey on Christmas Day. In fact, before turkey was introduced to Britain, geese, peacocks and even wild boar’s heads were eaten as […]

Holistic anxiety treatment is more likely to be permanent

Anxiety and fear come in all sorts of forms. Let’s take a look at some of the most common. Fear to fly Anticipatory anxiety, such as fear of performance or public speaking. fear to fail anxious about health Fear of heights, fear of bridges: I can’t seem done. fear of tall buildings, looking at them […]

The Maldives become child-friendly

The Maldives have always been known as an idyllic romantic destination for couples. It still is, but what has changed is that more resorts have now evolved, catering to the discerning family who also wants to appreciate a luxury island retreat, year-round sunshine, the best dive sites, water sports, and a safe environment. The Maldives […]