How to benefit from sharing workbooks in Excel

Shared workbooks are a great feature of Microsoft Excel. You should set up ‘shared workbooks’ if many people are required to complete a project. This feature allows you to collaborate with other members of your team quickly and easily. In short, a shared workbook is configured to allow multiple users on a network to edit […]

The Language of Letters – Rush’s Analysis "Strength 10"

You have written a great melody with an interesting rhythmic structure and a catchy vocal melody. Now you need to write words to accompany your song. When I was a freshman in high school, I analyzed Rush’s “Force 10” from the album Hold Your Fire. In the process (with my Hold Your Fire T-shirt on […]

Eleven Elusive From Africa: Animals That Are A Challenge To Find And Photograph!

Most people who visit Africa for a photo safari focus on finding the Big Five or Super-Seven, but the Elusive-Eleven of Africa are just as exciting and much harder to find. They are mainly nocturnal animals that are rarely seen in African national parks and game reserves. Here are the Elusive Eleven in alphabetical order […]

50 percent of American children with mental health conditions go untreated, claims study

Half of the children in the United States with some type of mental disorder do not receive treatment, revealed a recently published study. The researchers analyzed data collected from the 2016 National Child Health Survey, a nationwide survey administered to parents of young adolescents. The findings revealed that of the 46.6 million young people in […]

Why are ear infections more common in children?

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons that children visit the pediatrician’s office due to health problems. Many parents constantly worry about it. What Causes This Condition? How do parents know that their child suffers from one? An ear infection is basically an inflammation of the middle part, the part responsible for transmitting […]

PECS and Sensor Potty Training – Moms with ASD Must Have!

My son is 2 and going to 3 and one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do is potty train him. After numerous attempts with musical urinals, toilet urinals, and food stimulation, we finally found a system to help you … PECS. The PECS system is actually working in conjunction with a daily […]