Neutering your dog

Spaying dogs has many health and lifestyle benefits, but there are more chances of complications than with cats. The anesthetics used in the procedure vary, and it is worth discussing with your veterinarian which anesthetic will be used, as there are different safety margins and recovery periods between products. Most procedures will involve premedication / […]

African rock python

Physical description This species of snake is considered the largest of all rock pythons and reaches a height of 4.8 mt. Their body size varies and male pythons are larger compared to female ones. Its body is thick and the whole body is covered with colored spots. Body markings vary between chestnut, olive, yellow, and […]

Writing for Direct Response: My 37 Point Acid Test for Sales Copy

It seems like it doesn’t matter if I’m talking to a home or small business owner, a marketing executive or a copywriter, almost everyone in this business is faced with the same burning question about every direct answer. promotion they create: “How do I know how strong the sales copy is in my promotion before […]