Do your prospects see themselves using your product or service?

No one can carry out an act or message without first thinking or seeing in their mind that it is possible to do so. You can mentally engage by helping your audience visualize and see in their minds how your product or service will help them. Real estate agents try to help their clients visualize […]

Learning French – French expressions with cows

The French have a very special relationship with cows, a kind of entente cordiale where it is agreed that in exchange for milk to make excellent cheeses, cows have a special place in French culture, especially in popular expressions, slang and the humor. French television commercials for cheese show pampered cows getting massages from the […]

All about the American Dog Training School

When it comes to dog training, there are two different types of training methods that are very popular. These methods are inductive training and conductive training. Inductive training refers to the positive praise of the desired behavior, and the only negative reinforcement is to maintain that praise. A more aggressive approach is conducive, where force […]

Marked and unmarked terms in the English language

MARKED AND UNMARKED TERMS: In binary oppositions: The terms marked and unmarked are frequently used in binary oppositions. It means that one term does not have the same weight, but the one (unmarked) is neutral or more positive in contrast to the other term. As Geoffery leech observes, when there is a contrast between two […]

Train your cat to go to the bathroom and avoid accidents with the litter tray

What could be more frustrating for a cat owner than mishaps in the litter tray? Quite often, the cats that tend to have litter tray accidents are the ones that end up in animal shelters due to their owner’s exasperation. If a cat adamantly refuses to use the litter box, it means there could be […]

Travel smartly and cheaply around the world and be amazed

I am a travel writer. I usually travel alone but my family sometimes comes with me. It’s hard because they always have a lots of suitcases – check out this photo from our trip to equator! There are eight people and there are about fifteen bags! in my sister’s bags there are three jackets, four […]