If you don’t suffer from a hangover, you should be worried

It may surprise you to learn that your body is working at its best. Your entire system has kicked into action to get rid of toxins and you only need to worry when you drink a lot but don’t have a hangover. The symptoms of a hangover are essentially the product of dehydration, it means […]

Can Noosa Heads be a worker’s vacation paradise?

Noosa Heads is not generally considered a working holiday destination. Accommodation along the beach fronting Hasting Street is exclusive to the wealthy. However, there are plenty of activities that “no-good-doers” can enjoy without costing them a “penny.” Let me tell you how. The beach and Hasting Street are still available to all visitors who wish […]

How to please a girl: make her scream with pleasure and beg you not to stop all night

Having the ability to please a girl in bed is almost every man’s dream. But the problem is that most men can’t do it. I’m not trying to scare you! In fact, if you continue reading, you will discover some amazing tips on how to please a girl and give her mind-blowing orgasms tonight. Tip […]

9 hangover cures

SOME CAUSES When your body ingests alcohol, it becomes dehydrated and filled with toxins (perhaps that’s why we describe the condition as intoxication). You experience a myriad of sensations, including sensitivity to loud sounds, light, headache, nausea, and thirst. In addition to physiological symptoms, alcohol is believed to induce psychological effects such as anxiety and […]

What I Learned About Belly Button Piercing Might Surprise You

As someone who has been fascinated by all forms of body art my entire life, I have been drawn to the world of body art history. I am fascinated by the cultural and spiritual impact body art can have, and I can honestly say that navel piercing is something that truly intrigues me more than […]

Food and farms emerge as a key movement of our age

If all politics is personal, as is widely believed, then ultimately there is not much more political than our food and the farms that produce it. Everyone must eat, so everyone has a vested interest in food. Right now, in the early 21st century, food and farms is emerging as a cutting edge political movement. […]

Breaded Catfish Cooked Perfectly In A Toaster Oven

I love fried catfish, but I know it’s not the healthiest option for me. I know nothing can replicate that dish without frying, but I came up with a baked version that comes close. I’ve tried it many different ways and finally found a version that I think is fantastic. Instead of using white breadcrumbs, […]

The Pathological Relationship Agenda of the Narcissist

We already know that being involved with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder never works out. But what is this exactly What makes the narcissist such an evil character in a relationship? What makes the narcissist so irreparable and why doesn’t he or she care how emotionally devastated the other person is? The answers to […]