7 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Yeast Candidiasis

Officially known as “thrush” in both men and women, yeast infection or candidiasis presents such a common problem in my daily practice that I decided to write this easy-to-follow guide to explain the key aspects of the yeast infection problem and outline the main treatment approaches in 7 easy steps. Generally speaking, candidiasis is caused […]

Iguana Tattoos – True Meaning Revealed

Considerations to make before acquiring an iguana tattoo When you start contemplating getting an iguana tattoo, the consequences of this action should be considered. Factors to consider before getting an iguana tattoo may include some of the following: Meaning Lizard tattoos, which include iguana tattoos, are symbolic of the human soul’s search for light. Other […]

In-Season Fight Weightlifting – 30 Second Workout

Incorporating weightlifting into a busy fight season can be tricky and should be done with caution. A program designed to produce strength gains often involves heavy lifting and should include at least a few individual repetition maximums as tests. Due to the great demand on the athlete’s nervous system and the possibility of injury that […]