Animals: My Spiritual Companion and a Heartwarming Story

This Christmas night, I spent some time reflecting. What an honor to remember my friend and spiritual partner, Mr. Stormy, and the many divine blessings that accompanied his transition back to Spirit. On December 20, 2013, I arrived at the Horse Protection League (HPL) Ranch in Golden, CO and was greeted by Miss Emie (HPL […]

Quantum Physics + Crystals + Runes + Radionics = Protection

Protection and quantum physics Once upon a time, not so long ago, we just needed physical protection against thieves, robbers, robbers, etc. A good latch on a strong door with a large dog sleeping on the floor was all we needed. Now, the intrusions, the dangers that reach our homes are not physical; they come […]

Holidays in Turkey – Marmaris

Marmaris is truly the jewel of the Turkish Riviera. It is the most sophisticated and multifaceted tourist complex in Turkey. Located where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, the beautiful bay is famous for its cosmopolitan and sailing atmosphere. The once sleepy fishing village of Marmaris sits on the wonderful natural harbor where lord nelson […]

If drug and alcohol use is the solution, what is the problem?

Many people believe that drugs and alcohol have the ability to provide short-term solutions to many of life’s problems. The difficulty, of course, is that the excessive use of alcohol and drugs does not solve the problems. They offer temporary relief until they become the problem themselves, leading to addiction and dependency for many. I […]

Tips for fair skin: for self-confidence, there is nothing better than fair skin

Clear Skin is a stepping stone to success, as it increases a person’s confidence and makes them feel more motivated in everything they do. With the former in mind, here are some clear skin tips that will also help you get on the road to success. While some people have been blessed with clear, radiant […]

When the lack of communication resides in the marriage

Lack of communication techniques are essential in a good marriage and friendship relationship – before the red light danger zone kicks in. Wearing glasses can help focus a clear view during a situation. Marriage misunderstandings, complications or a situation are misperceived by seeking attention for a clear vision, when one or both partners are misinterpreting […]

Red Penis Protection: smart solutions to prevent penis sunburn

It is known that all men, including those with darker skin, need sunscreen to protect themselves from sunburn during the summer months; But even men who worry about applying sunscreen products to the rest of their bodies tend to neglect an important issue: the penis. The delicate skin of the penis can be exposed to […]