Do you love the Muppets? Make your own Gonzo costume for Halloween

How would I dress up as a Muppet for Halloween? Does that mean there’s a party and I’m invited? Let me think about that for a moment. Good question. I think I’ll go with a Gonzo costume. Now that my own kids are all grown up, I had to go Google and check out Gonzo’s […]

free dogs

Are you looking for a new friend to cuddle up with? Adopt your new friend today for free! Dogs are the most loyal animal in the world. By adopting a dog for free, you will be giving your new pet a new and safe forever home. Why pay hundreds of dollars for your new best […]

How can you watch movies instantly when you rent movies online from Blockbuster?

Blockbuster was founded in 1985 as a physical store for renting movies. As DVDs replaced VHS, and the ability to rent movies online became more and more popular, Blockbuster had to allow its customers the ability to rent movies online as well. What are the benefits of Blockbuster? One of the main benefits of Blockbuster […]

Book Summary: Pirates of Manhattan II – The Hijacking of American Savings – By Barry James Dyke

The concentration of power that the banks have is at the levels of the great depression. When the balance of power tips too far in favor of the rich, bad things start to happen. This was demonstrated in 2008 with the mortgage crisis. The bottom line is that Wall Street has a gambling problem and […]

Find the perfect countertop to match your No Top Double Vanity

When you are decorating or remodeling your bathroom, your bathroom vanity should not only match your personal tastes and style, it should also complement your bathroom theme and increase its usability and enhance its ambience. Whether you like traditional, modern, more ornate or elegant designs, your vanities should fit the space and style of your […]

E-Learning: Hype or Fad?

Many times clients and potential clients ask me if eLearning is just a fad. This is an excellent question that deserves some discussion. My experience with eLearning and more especially developing custom eLearning content has been extremely positive. one. Unfortunately, some companies are discarding the concept of eLearning because they have had a negative experience […]

Difficult Challenges with Franchise Buyer Finder Fees

Theoretically, a franchisor could receive a name and contact information for a particular franchise buyer without disclosing this in the Franchise Offering Circular, however any savvy franchise attorney will surely tell you that this is a gray area and, in the event of doubt, disclose! If the person providing the information talks to the franchise […]