4 amazing facts about the Nebraska Huskers and the Crop it Honors

Although you’ve probably heard of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, have you heard of the Nebraska Bugeaters? The University of Nebraska athletic teams have a rich and long history. In particular, the school’s soccer team has been consistently ranked as one of the best teams in the nation. Here are some facts you may not be familiar […]

Johnny Bower and the Parkhurst Series Rookie Card Class of 1954-55

The 1954-55 Parkhurst series consisted of 100 hockey cards and a complete set is currently valued at up to $4,000. A common card is that the series is currently worth up to $25, according to Beckett Hockey Monthly. 1954-55 marked the first year that Parkhurst shared cardboard glory with Topps, an annual duo that would […]

NFL Preview – Here Come the Seahawks – Stumbling and Stumbling in Holmgren’s Senior Year

Just as Seattle’s Mike Holmgren is entering his final year as head coach, his Seahawks are now stumbling and stumbling through what appears to be a Larry, Mo and Curly comedy routine. After dusting off the Minnesota Vikings 34-17 in their 2008 preseason opener on the road in Minneapolis, the Seahawks narrowly escaped loss in […]

6 keys for a long-distance relationship to work

Long distance relationships can be difficult and often don’t work out. However, sometimes they do. Usually this is after you have spent a few nights or days together totally immersed in each other and a real and lasting connection has been established. It is much more than just a superficial attraction. It’s not uncommon in […]