How To Disadvantage Speed ​​In Horse Racing: How To Use The Beyer Speed ​​Rating In 2008

The Beyer Speed ​​Rating is one of the most practical ways the handicapper should begin their journey to choosing the right horse. A horse’s speed can alter the race in how quickly he takes the lead or when he decides to turn down the stretch. The speed rating was created by Andrew Beyer and although […]

Parental Controls: Can Software Really Make Kids Safer Online?

Most parents today are aware of the availability of web filters, also known as parental controls or parental control software. They are also aware of the many dangers that exist on the Internet for children and adolescents. However, most parents have not installed any parental controls on their children’s computers at home. It’s not clear […]

The foods you need to eat during pregnancy!

Do you need some real and practical suggestions for healthy breakfasts, snacks, meals and drinks to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy? Look no further, we’ve even given you a shopping list! PREGNANCY NUTRITION: THE TOP FOODS TO EAT AND AVOID! Nutrition during pregnancy: BREAKFAST IDEAS Fresh Fruit Smoothie: Blend any fresh fruit (with a […]