Systemic Yeast Infections: Important Information You Should Know

Women can treat their systemic yeast infections with vaginal yogurt. Eating yogurt every day will be very good for treating yeast infections. A yeast infection is the leading cause of vaginal odor, irritation, and burning. At least 70 percent or more of women will experience a yeast infection in their lifetime. Symptoms of systemic yeast […]

Dr. Hazel Mubako An African Zimbabwean connection from Jamaica

Christie-born Dr. Hazel Barbara Mubako, known by the pet nickname Peggy, was born in the Rosetta district, St. D’Acre, located in the Dry Harbor Mountains of St. Ann, Jamaica, West Indies, of Caroline, single, Gooden and David Christie. In her early years she attended Charlton Elementary School in Alexandria St. Ann, then joined the first […]