Disney World Hotel Guide: Know Your Options for Budget Hotels, Luxury Resorts, and More

No one can deny the appeal of a Disney vacation. It is a wonderful experience not only for children, but also for parents and grandparents of all ages. If you are heading to the Orlando / Kissimmee area, you can start your trip by looking at Disney World hotels. Which one offers everything your family […]

The best things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas or Vegas as it is commonly known is an internationally renowned resort city known for its 24 hours of bustling lifestyle, entertainment, and nightlife. The city is Nevada’s premier financial, commercial, and cultural center. When visiting Las Vegas, these are the top 10 things to do. Wine cellar and tasting room This is, […]

Highlights of the Emerald Coast – Fort Walton Beach

Along the Florida peninsula is a beautiful region called the Emerald Coast. Its name comes from the bright green waters of the Gulf of Mexico that border its sandy shores. The Emerald Coast begins in Pensacola to the west and extends 100 miles east to Panama City. Halfway between them is the true heart of […]

5 big differences between Panama City Beach, Florida, and Tea-and-Crumpetville Beach, England

1. At Panama City Beach (hereinafter referred to as PCB) the sands are soft and almost snow white, complemented by a crystal clear blue, emerald green sea. These beaches could be taken out of a postcard: they are truly beautiful and rival all those in the Caribbean. On the other side of the Atlantic, in […]

Casino in Kazakhstan

Landlocked Kazakhstan has been a mystery to the western traveler for centuries, unknown except in the pages of Marco Polo or Kipling. Few outsiders have experienced the charms of this central Asian country, apart from the merchants plying the Silk Road. However, since Kazakhstan gained its independence in 1991 and especially under the benevolent and […]

Restaurant Review: Kelly’s McDonald’s of Dickinson, North Dakota – A Parody

Finding ourselves in Dickinson, North Dakota, at dinner time and with no reservations, we stopped at the local McDonald’s hoping for a decent meal. After a short wait behind a white caravan filled with half a local high school sports team and a green Pontiac firebird with two 20 things on a date, we were […]

Just say no to needing a vacation from your vacation – Fort Walton Beach is the answer

Unfortunately, we have all been there: so stressed during the holidays that when we return home we are more exhausted than when we left. Why, then, even go? Because there is an answer to the exhausting vacation: Fort Walton Beach, FL. Located on the Florida peninsula along the Emerald Coast of the Gulf of Mexico […]