Haller Park Nature Trail: The Greatest Rehabilitation Success Story

The Haller Park Nature Trail is probably one of the biggest rehabilitation success stories in the world. Located south of the Bamburi cement factory along the Mombasa Malindi road, the project was an effort to rehabilitate the wasteland that the area had become after years of mining. With the backing of the Bamburi Portland Cement […]

Change things up with debt consolidation loans

The United States of America is suffering from one of the worst economic shocks that has ever attacked and entrenched this great country. From sea to shining sea, citizens are suffering under intense stress and strain from credit card debt and also from job losses and 41K Beans and everything else associated with a recession […]

African Travel Tips When Visiting Kenya

Kenya is the land that has given birth to the most popular African activity among tourists, namely the safari, and it is easy to see why. Blessed with tremendous topographic diversity that spans over four climate zones and features coral reefs, desert landscapes, volcanoes, and snow-capped mountains, Kenya has it all in one. Inhabiting these […]