6 reasons why your workout feels harder than it should

There are some days when you feel like you can exercise forever, and then there are those days when you’re tired after 15 minutes. The days when you have to struggle to finish are frustrating, but your body may be telling you something. These are some of the most common reasons why your workout feels […]

Hints And Advice On Getting200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training You have just finished your 200 hour yoga teacher training in the United States, and you are looking forward to getting started. Perhaps you are a seasoned yogi with years of practice who is looking for a challenging career change or perhaps you are a beginner with a desire to […]

Healthy Foods Can Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals

We have said that eating healthy foods will definitely help you lose weight. And someone may ask what are healthy foods? My personal definition of healthy foods is green vegetables and fruits. I also call these clean foods because they are clean, low in calories, and have no residue after eating. Unlike high calorie foods […]

How Positive Affirmations Help You Emotionally Eat 30+ Affirmations For You To Use

Emotional eating is a problem that affects many and is a very common way of dealing with problems in life. The modern world offers such a variety of addictive foods, such as sweets, chips, ice cream and others that bring euphoria, calm, peace and comfort, that many fall into the trap of mindless eating every […]

How Keeping a Food Diary Helps Emotional Eaters

Emotional eaters understand the struggle behind feeling stressed, turning to food for comfort, and then punishing themselves for consuming too many empty calories. It is a vicious cycle and many feel that they do not know how to control it. Stress eating is a common condition among people of all ages and is done to […]