Emotional Intelligence and Situational Leadership – How to Create Flexible Leadership Styles

Flexible leadership styles Emotionally intelligent (EQ) leaders are flexible in tailoring their leadership style to those they choose to lead. You will influence and engage employees by being socially savvy about what leadership style would be most appropriate with certain personalities and in specific situations. The Blanchard and Hersey model of leadership As a leadership […]

ABC’s of a successful weight loss process

A-Responsibility Be responsible and in control of your weight loss process. It may include keeping and updating a weight loss journal or having a responsible partner who is interested in the same progress as you are. B – Believe in yourself Tell yourself that you are capable of losing weight like everyone else. The fact […]

How to use your basal metabolic rate to track your daily calories

Deciding what your daily calorie intake is plays a big role in how effectively you lose weight. If you eat too many calories, you won’t lose weight. If you eat too little, your body’s metabolism will slow down, and as a result, it will try to retain more calories than you take in. To decide […]

What are the foods that burn fat? 5 secret foods that will accelerate weight loss

So what are the foods that burn fat? Chances are, you’ve been eating a lot of foods that are claimed to help you lose weight, like Subway sandwiches. The truth is that these foods do not help you lose weight, at least not as much as you could lose. Some of these foods are very […]

How you can increase metabolism after bulimia

Bulimia is a possibly critical eating disorder characterized by periods of uncontrolled eating. Binge eating is accompanied by an unhealthy cleansing of what is eaten. Purging techniques may include excessive activity, inappropriate use of diuretics or laxatives, rapid or self-induced regurgitation. One of the many negative effects of bulimia is a reduced resting metabolic rate. […]