Radiant Beginnings – Kundalini Yoga for New Practitioners

Kundalini Yoga for New Practitioners

Kundalini yoga is a powerful technology that awakens your innermost potential and enables you to live life more directly, confidently and calmly. This ancient system uses physical movement (asana), breathing techniques, chanting, meditation and relaxation to unlock your latent, life force energy and make it kinetic. Awakening this energy strengthens your nervous system, lowers stress, balances the endocrine system slowing the aging process and promotes healing on all levels.

It also strengthens and supports the immune and cardiovascular systems, increases bone density and reduces joint pain. It also teaches you to release old emotional patterns and habits. In short, it’s one of the most effective Kundalini yoga for beginners online you can engage in to create transformation in your life and well-being.

If you are new to yoga or would like to refresh your foundation in a safe and supportive environment, then this class is for you. This beginners class is designed to help you build a solid foundation for your practice by introducing you to fundamental postures, breath work, mantra and core body locks. The class is taught in a nurturing and playful way that will give you the confidence to move on to public classes or continue your journey online with other teachers from around the world.

Radiant Beginnings – Kundalini Yoga for New Practitioners

Each class begins with a brief dharma talk or lesson and then moves into an exercise called a “kriya”. A kriya is a set of postures paired with breathing and/or meditation. Examples of a kriya include Sun Salutations, Cobra Pose or Warrior Poses. Each kriya is taught to an inspiring and uplifting musical accompaniment. At the end of class, a gong is played during a healing Savasana (final rest) and then a brief meditation for prosperity is guided by Tana.

You will leave feeling stronger, more flexible and relaxed with an increased capacity to manage stress, depression or other moods, and a clearer sense of purpose in your life. You will be inspired to live more consciously and to become more compassionate, loving, and radiant in your daily life.

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