Glassell Park and Highland Park Real Estate Resurgence

The real estate industry in Northeast Los Angeles has been booming for years. We hear it on television and in the news. Rarely does a story run where the term “gentrification” is used to describe areas like Eagle Rock, Mt. Washington and Highland Park, regions where home values ​​have skyrocketed. Is it something that home […]

4 reasons why many consider real estate a good investment

There are many alternatives, when it comes to making our decisions, on how and where to invest our funds / money! Options include: the stock market; bond market; basic products; United States Treasury Vehicles; and real estate. Since, historically, real estate is considered by many to be one of the safest long-term strategies, and owning […]

Timeline for Foreclosure: All 50 States

The first thing most homeowners and real estate investors facing foreclosure want to know is, “What is the timeline for foreclosure?” In other words: “how long does it take?” The answer is that the foreclosure process and timeline vary from state to state. This article provides the information and resources you will need to learn […]

Home Value Websites: Which Are the Best for Finding Your Home’s Value

The Internet is a wonderful place. It’s packed with all kinds of information on everything you might want to learn, including how to calculate your home’s value. A simple web search for home value websites will return hundreds of thousands of results. Here’s an overview of two websites we found, Zillow and Homegain. Zillow is […]

Pro Se Primer 101 – 1 – Mortgage Loan Terms and Documents: Promissory Note, Mortgage, or Deed of Trust

“Damn my eyes … The people I’ve seen … Crawling through the wreck of the American dream “ Vacation ranch Perhaps the greatest help to parties who foreclose illegally is the word “mortgage.” In all 50 states, this word is universally misused as a synonym for “home loan.” Home loans are known as mortgages as […]