Can Constructive Dismissal Result From a Reduction in Benefits Or Pay?

Constructive Dismissal Result The term “constructive dismissal” refers to an employment contract clause that states that a worker is entitled to resign from their job if their employer’s actions make the working conditions intolerable. Whether or not an employee can claim constructive dismissal, however, depends on the nature of the change and how it is […]

How Does Constructive Dismissal Affect Unemployment Benefits?

Constructive Dismissal Affect Unemployment Benefits Constructive dismissal is a legal term that describes an employer-employee relationship that is terminated without any formal notice or agreement. This type of termination is typically based on the employee’s reason for leaving, which can include intolerable working conditions, bullying or harassment, or changes in terms of employment. The good […]

is severance pay considered wages

severance pay considered wages In a time when layoffs are a common occurrence, it’s important to understand the tax implications of receiving severance pay. This information can help employees plan for the future and make wise financial decisions. Severance pay is the money an employer pays to an employee when their employment relationship ends, usually […]

Can You Get a Bond Bond For a Counterfeiting Charge?

Bond Bond For a Counterfeiting Charge The federal crime of counterfeiting currency is a serious offense that can lead to substantial fines and jail time. Defending against such a charge requires the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A skilled lawyer can use a variety of strategies to fight the case, including showing that […]

What Types of Damages Can Maui Fire Lawyers Help You Recover?

Maui Fire Lawyers If you are one of the many victims affected by the Maui wildfires that ravaged West Maui and Lahaina, you may have a case to file a lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric for the disaster. The company’s negligence in allowing power lines to fall down was the initial cause of the fires that […]

Healthy Risk Taking

Some biologists say that between 15-20% of the animal kingdom are babysitters They are defined as having a passive temperament: “slow to adjust” to their surroundings and “often sitting on the sidelines watching”. The other 80% of the animals are homeless. They have a more aggressive temperament, which makes them more engaged with their environment […]

An unbiased review on Jeff Paul’s shortcuts to the Internet Millions system

What is Jeff Paul’s Internet Millions Shortcut System? Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions system claims to help a person create massive income online by doing very little work. The package sells for $39.95 and includes DVDs, books, and other resources like Automated Income, which is a guide to over 100 ways to make money […]

Business Lawyers: Points to Understand When Choosing Your Lawyer

When choosing the right law firm to represent your business, it helps to understand the types of law firms out there and which ones are most appropriate for your business. Here are some tips to get you started. 1. Corporate companies Corporate lawyers, in the traditional sense of the word, generally work for medium to […]