Best Engineering Universities in USA

In the United States, the word college is often used to specify an independent higher-level activity of educational institutions that are not parts of a university, as well as to refer to the parties within a university. The independent institutions that have the tendency to call themselves colleges are sometimes universities in the international importance […]

What information do you need to know when considering a divorce?

Q. There are many things that people need to understand when considering a divorce. What do you think are the most important things to know when considering a divorce? What would be the first topic of discussion? A. You know, that’s a good question, and I think information, personal information, is key. Five important things […]

Powers of attorney do not prevent guardianship

A general durable power of attorney (GDPOA) is often suggested as a means of avoiding guardianship or “living legalization.” Although such a document is an important tool in a comprehensive estate plan, the GDPOA alone, or in conjunction with just a last will and testament, may not provide the protection that the creator seeks. A […]

Galloway Ohio Homes – A Wonderful Place to Live in Central Ohio

If you are looking for a great place to live in Central Ohio, then a home in Galloway Ohio could be a great option for you. Galloway is an unincorporated residential area located about 20 minutes southwest of downtown Columbus. Galloway, officially part of Prairie Township, is home to a number of facilities and attractions, […]

Mobster in America – Jack "Legacy" Diamond – The Gangster Who Couldn’t Be Killed

Jack “Legs” Diamond was shot and seriously injured so many times that he was called “The Gangster Who Couldn’t Be Killed”. Diamond, born July 10, 1897, to parents from Kilrush, County Clare in Ireland, spent the first years of his life in Philadelphia. After his mother died of a viral infection when Diamond was thirteen, […]

What Every Lawyer Should Know About Pro Bono Work

Lawyers generally have a moral responsibility in representing clients and in choosing the methods by which the interests of their clients can best be preserved. Beyond this, there is an overriding moral premise that lawyers, who have benefited greatly from the gift of legal education and have been well equipped with useful skills, have an […]