Don’t talk to the police or your name could be mud

You may have heard the phrase, or even used the phrase, “My name is mud.” Many historians attribute the phrase to Dr. Samuel Mudd, who after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln was convicted of conspiracy in 1865. Mudd escaped hanging by one vote and was sentenced to life in prison. After serving four years […]

Understanding the Process and Operations of Credit Bureaus

Most of your lenders and banks want to keep you in the shade. Why? Probably due to the fact that the world’s most intense money-keeping bonuses urgently require buyers to link up with some oft-told legends behind their companies. However, not knowing the reality can cost a buyer tens or even large amounts of dollars […]

How to write a fashion business proposal

The world of fashion is huge and international, and includes many different types of businesses. There’s the design group: companies that design patterns, fabrics, haberdashery, accessories, makeup, and clothing lines. There’s the manufacturing group: companies that create and package all those items. All this merchandise has to move all over the planet, which is why […]

Choice of Law in Loans and Syndicated Bonds

INTRODUCTION: Any relationship between two entities, be they persons or institutions, cannot be established except in accordance with some set of rules. These rules may be unenforceable norms or customs of a group or society, or some explicit laws that have binding and enforceable authority. A contract is a formal structure of a relationship between […]

Pregnancy after 40 – what problems does a woman face?

Advanced maternal age pregnancies are becoming more common. In fact, any woman who becomes pregnant after the age of 35 is classified as having this type of pregnancy. However, when a pregnancy occurs after the age of 40, there are risks. For women who have had a tubal ligation reversal and who are right to […]

Masonic Symbols – Gavel, Scepter, Kabbalah and the Master of a Freemasons Lodge

WHY IS THE TEACHER ALWAYS IN THE EAST? “And yet you are a man and not a god, however you believe yourself Like a god.” Eze. 28:2 God rules the world by authority and not by force. If it were not so, there would be no freedom and no rule of law. One is free […]