Race, ethnicity, and participation in leisure activities

In “Gender and Leisure” by Susan Shaw and “Ethnicity, Race, and Leisure” by James H. Gramann and Maria T. Allison, the authors describe the main ways in which race, ethnicity and gender influence access and participation in recreation and leisure. . While gender distinctions are quite clear when examining differences between men and women, despite […]

Favoritism at work: it is illegal and morally wrong

Labor favoritism We have all been victims of favoritism at work. Favoritism means exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes we do not realize when work favoritism occurs to us. Lost a promotion due to favoritism? There is a famous phrase that permeates the entire workplace and in our everyday lives. The phrase is “It is […]

Beware of the “Due On Sale Clause” on your loan

Real estate that guarantees a loan is very likely to have a “maturity on sale” clause. The expiration-on-sale clause allows the bank or financial institution to cancel the promissory note each time the property is sold. A call on the promissory note causes the entire loan balance to be due and payable immediately. A transfer […]

Advantages and disadvantages of the trundle bed

When space is tight and you are considering purchasing a trundle bed, it is important to know how trundle beds work. Knowing the features and specifications of this unique bedroom furniture not only provides details that make buying a nest appealing, it can also provide you with a reason to purchase other types of bedding. […]

How many Catholic pedophile priests are serving time in jail?

The facts are that the CCR was founded by pedophile bishops who appear in a painting of the Council of Nicea with each and everyone accompanied by their sexual partner ‘child’. This is the same Council where Constantine established religion based on a great lie. The Bible condemns religion in general and the Catholic Church […]

Dr. Tommy Boone has been pulling his own weight for some time

When Tommy Boone was eight years old, his father installed a pull-up bar at the entrance to the bedroom he shared with his brother. For a full year afterward, Mr. Boone encouraged his sons to develop the ability to do more and more pull-ups. “But after the first year,” Tommy said, “pull-ups became a regular […]

Three Simple Small Town Bowling Alley Ideas to Increase Profits

Bowling is a sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Like many businesses in recent years, bowling alleys have been affected by our nation’s economic downturn. It is imperative that small town bowling alley owners and managers properly promote themselves and update their services to stay profitable. It is not enough for a […]

Tax reforms

Implementation of a “flat tax” on the income rate One tax reform issue that needs to be addressed is the amount of revenue that the federal tax system must collect. When there is a disproportion between income and expenses, federal debts and deficits will increase and reach unsustainable limits. Policymakers must evaluate fiscal policies and […]