Texting A Girl – How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl Without Being Creepy

I can see you sitting there with your phone in hand, wanting to text that hot girl you managed to talk into giving you her number. They hit it off great last night and now he wants to talk to her and ask her out but he’s not sure how to start a text conversation […]

The bridge between digital marketing and e-commerce

Bill Gates once said: “The Internet is becoming the square of the global village of tomorrow.” Believe it or not, it is very true. Electronic commerce is the commercial transaction that is carried out completely online, that is, every time you use the Internet to buy/sell a product, you are involved in electronic commerce; On […]

Provide expert advice to customers online

An introduction to streaming video for expert consultants Recent developments in e-commerce and online video streaming allow experts to reach consumers directly. Therapists can consult with their clients from abroad. Personal trainers can keep their clients on track while on vacation. English teachers can reach students in Ecuador and Spanish teachers can stream videos with […]

Some simple cockatoo genetics – "What is a division?"

Often in doubt about genetics, there is the term division. Splitting into birds simply means a genetic trait or color that is carried, but not seen visually. Sometimes there can be feathers on the nape (perhaps white spots) which reveal that a bird may clearly have some other color mutation or trait, than it appears […]

Book Review – The Client Is Bothering Me!

No matter what business you’re in, it’s a sure bet: you have customers. It is also a sure bet that they will pester you, or someone on your staff, with their problems and complaints. This book teaches how to turn dissatisfied customers into loyal customers and customer complaints into customer satisfaction. This means repeat sales, […]

The best careers in computer science

When it comes to your career goals, you don’t have to settle. The best careers are thriving in the computer industry from entry level to management. You know how fast technology advances. Your previous personal computer has been placed on your cell phone only in your lifetime. Use your previous knowledge and skills to develop […]

Steps to self-love with EFT Tapping

In classic EFT, tappers often use the setup statement of “Even though I have this [problem]I love myself deeply.” Some tappers cannot say “I love myself deeply” or even “I love myself.” This is a sign that self-love can work on impulse. And you may wonder why anyone should care about increasing self-esteem. Surely if […]

Affiliate Marketing Strategy: What Are The Basics To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?

One of the best ways to earn income from affiliate marketing is to choose a niche that you are familiar with and understand very well. One of the key factors that contributes to earning an income online is knowing what you are selling. A niche within a niche is very useful. If you know almost […]

Habits: the great secret of marketing success

What do you think you need more than anything else to attract more of your ideal clients? Many people will say “better information to show me how to do what works.” Others will say, “more motivation and drive to implement what I already know.” Another common answer is“More time to fit marketing activities into my […]