Healthy Risk Taking

Some biologists say that between 15-20% of the animal kingdom are babysitters They are defined as having a passive temperament: “slow to adjust” to their surroundings and “often sitting on the sidelines watching”. The other 80% of the animals are homeless. They have a more aggressive temperament, which makes them more engaged with their environment […]

7 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Yeast Candidiasis

Officially known as “thrush” in both men and women, yeast infection or candidiasis presents such a common problem in my daily practice that I decided to write this easy-to-follow guide to explain the key aspects of the yeast infection problem and outline the main treatment approaches in 7 easy steps. Generally speaking, candidiasis is caused […]

Lucrative Investments – Investing in Real Estate

Although right now in today’s market, the idea of ​​investing in real estate may not seem like such a lucrative idea, the opposite could not be more true. The real estate market follows a trend of low times and very high periods, like the one experienced previously. While the market is down now, future data […]

Western ideas of work and leisure

In “The Western Idea of ​​Work and Leisure: Traditions, Transformations, and the Future,” Charles Sylvester highlights the changing conception of work and leisure by pointing to Plato’s and Aristotle’s notions in classical Greek thought, the Judeo-Christian vision, and the views of Locke and Marx. A general objection could be made against all these views in […]

Texting A Girl – How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl Without Being Creepy

I can see you sitting there with your phone in hand, wanting to text that hot girl you managed to talk into giving you her number. They hit it off great last night and now he wants to talk to her and ask her out but he’s not sure how to start a text conversation […]

How to deal with your family’s expectations at Christmas

Christmas can be a very stressful time for families, both financially and emotionally. Expectations around gift buying can put financial pressure on parents, putting further strain on the relationship between partners. Expectations around extended family events and interactions can also contribute to family pressure at this time. If you don’t clarify how you would really […]

Weight Loss With Tony Gazelle Elliptical – Possible If You Don’t Make This 1 Mistake

You’ve probably seen it on TV plenty of times… Tony Little and his elliptical machine called the Gazelle. So is it possible to lose weight with this thing? yes, but… First, let me tell you that I love elliptical machines. I think they are much better than treadmills because they are very gentle on the […]