Best Home Remedies for Laryngitis Using Therapeutic Essential Oils

Essential oil remedies for laryngitis are far superior to most over-the-counter synthetic options because they create deep healing, rather than simply hiding symptoms. You will overcome laryngitis faster and feel better while you heal and afterward. What is laryngitis? It is an inflammation usually caused by an infection of the vocal cords. It is often […]

What is the stock split and why is Apple doing it? How the stock split affects investors

An initial public offering allows a company to deliver shares to private investors. A stock split is the division of the shares that a company owns into several stocks. This is put in place to improve the liquidity of stocks when they reach a specific accumulation limit. A common strategy is to divide them into […]

The search for meaning when a loved one dies

Meaning affects everything we do; and equally important, it affects the body, as evidenced by the many examples of mind-body relationships, such as the placebo effect. Finding the meaning of death is not always easy and is sometimes difficult to find. However, finding meaning when a loved one dies can make a difference in how […]