3 tips for choosing the best toy kitchen

I have a pastry chef and a protocol expert at home. That is why I want to make something clear: The Kitchen is for Boys and Girls.

You can spend hours playing along with cooking. And every year I like to order something new on the menu. This year there will be no kitchen since the new one does not have much time and is perfect. It is the wood from Ikea and it has turned out great.

I think that this year we are going to refine it a bit and we will paint it, we will make some curtains, some extra hooks and we will see what happens to us… I think that with this I will put some LED strips when the weather changes. They play and do not see what they cook. When we do, I’ll show it on Instagram.

And now, I will tell you three aspects that I think you have to take into account when choosing a good toy kitchen from my experience and not waste money.

1. Perfect size

My children wanted a small kitchen that they saw in an ad that even had a refrigerator. Yes, nice, but it’s for those who have 100 square meters of living room and want to put themselves there.

But in my mini room where I have set up the study corner, it was not feasible. Consider the size of the kitchen and the space available in the home. A kitchen is not something you can assemble and disassemble every time you use it.


I’m not a big fan of plastic kitchens, I’m more of wood. There are some very complete plastics and many details. It depends on what you are looking for. Wooden ones usually last longer than plastic ones but they also weigh more if they have to be moved from one place to another to play. In my case it is always in the same place so there is no problem.

3. Accessories

There are ideal kitchens with many accessories such as an oven, faucet, lights, ceramic hob, coffee maker… I think it is very important when choosing. It is what makes the game much more fun and realistic. Children love to imitate what adults do.

Today there are accessories for the kitchen exactly the same as those we use at home. You don’t have to come to your own kitchen as you can always buy them separately.

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