How to Host the Perfect Christmas Tea Party

Christmas is a time to celebrate with family, friends and co-workers, but it can get quite expensive. If you like to host dinners and lunches out during the festive festivities, but find that your budget isn’t quite enough. This article looks at how to throw the perfect Christmas tea party at a fraction of the cost. This is the ultimate Christmas celebration, rather than your typical Christmas dinner or cocktail party.

There is so much preparation and organization to host a dinner party and very little time to enjoy it. On the other hand, a Christmas tea party will give you the time and opportunity to socialize with your friends, while introducing them to some of your favorite teas.

Tea parties were first introduced in the Victorian era and have made quite a comeback in recent years. As the host, you want everything to be perfect, and a tea party can be a fitting way to celebrate Christmas.

Be sure to send out your invitations at least a month in advance of the tea party. Invite enough people to get the party started, but not so many that you can’t move or get close to everyone. The beauty of a Christmas Tea Party is that everything can be prepared ahead of time, allowing you to enjoy time with your guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen, plus having to make another cup of tea. If you have a teenager who is willing to make cups of tea and make those extra sandwiches, you don’t have to worry about a thing, just enjoy.

What about Christmas decorations and more importantly tableware to make your festive tea party stand out and give it that wow factor? There are so many seasonal styles to decorate your home. While green and red decorations are the traditional colors, why not introduce something different to impress your guests and make it even more special? There are so many styles and designs in tableware and tableware, from floral, to traditional festive, to simple. Black and white or silver furniture and accessories are very stylish and give that contemporary look. Why not mix black and gold decorations to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your festivities? There is so much to choose from that it can be very difficult, but whatever you choose, I’m sure your Christmas tea party will be a smashing success.

I have had a few tea parties in recent years, but not all at Christmas and they are very easy to organize. I bought some beautiful Black Slate dinnerware and no matter what occasion it looks so classy and stylish. It’s strong, easy to clean, durable and quite a fashion statement. If I’m having a couple of girlfriends over for afternoon tea, I could use my 3-tier slate cake stand filled with delicate sandwiches and an assortment of homemade mini scones/cakes. To give atmosphere and color to the room, a slate candle holder is essential, for any occasion.

I love Christmas, especially my festive tea parties. I invite between 10 and 15 guests, which is perfect. There is plenty of floor space, easy access and space for everyone to sit or socialize, food is prepared before guests arrive, and there is great music playing in the background. Not too loud but enough to create a nice atmosphere.

A white or silver tablecloth sets the stage for a beautiful festive table. Decorate with 2 slate cake stands (2 + 3 tiers), slate cheese boards and platters with a selection of homemade holiday snacks. Small sandwiches, cakes, and snacks fit easily on a saucer. Anything larger can be difficult and inconvenient for guests trying to hold a cup of tea. Additional dipping bowls on a slate plate with crudities. Select a variety of teas and place four teapots on slate placemats with a sugar bowl and milk jug. Not forgetting the lemon slices and sweetener. Be sure to label the teas as they don’t all taste the same. Add some greenery like Holly or Ivy to the table, along with a festive centerpiece to finish it off. Make sure you have accessible tables and chairs for your guests to sit at.

With a few tweaks here and there, it’s easy to create a cozy, welcoming, and festive atmosphere for your Christmas Tea Party.

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