How to Recharge a Car AC With a Kit

Recharge a Car AC With a Kit

When your car’s air conditioning system starts blowing hot instead of cold, it may just need a fresh batch of refrigerant to get things back on track. This is why there are ac recharge kits sold at auto parts stores. The basic kits include a can of refrigerant and a hose that can be connected to your vehicle’s air conditioning system. They also contain a sealant that can plug small leaks while the refrigerant is running through the system.

These kits are fairly simple to use and can make your car’s AC work as good as new. However, if you’re looking for the best results, it might be worth visiting a professional shop instead of trying to recharge your AC at home. The machines that professional shops use can give you a more precise amount of refrigerant and ensure the pressure in your AC system is the correct level.

If your car’s AC stopped working or has lost refrigerant over the winter, it may just need a ac car recharge kit to get it cooling again. These kits include an adapter hose that can be attached to a can of refrigerant (R-134a is the most common today but 1234yf is on its way) and a gauge that lets you see the pressure in your AC system. Some kits also have a dye that shows up on a leak so you can spot it easily.

How to Recharge a Car AC With a Kit

Before you buy a recharge kit, check to see what type of refrigerant your vehicle uses. Using the wrong kind of refrigerant could damage the system and pose safety risks. Most of the time this can be determined by consulting your owner’s manual. If you can’t find any information, most recharge kits come with a pressure chart that can help you determine the proper refrigerant pressure for your vehicle.

First, you should turn off your car’s engine and open the hood. Locate the low-pressure AC port, which should have a plastic cap covering it. This port is located on the thicker AC line between the compressor and evaporator. There’s also a high-pressure port on the thinner line that should be closed and have a cover. Remove the cap and set it aside.

Next, connect the hose to the low-pressure service port with the connector collar pulled all the way up and the pusher pushed down on the end. Connect the other end of the hose to the refrigerant can and wiggle it to be sure it’s snug. If you have a leak detection dye, now is the time to apply it.

Once the recharge hose is securely connected, turn on your air conditioner and start pumping in the refrigerant. After a few minutes, check the gauge to see if you have the right amount of pressure in the system. Keep in mind that the ambient temperature will affect how much pressure you need, so this might take a few attempts to get it right. Once you have the right amount of refrigerant, you can close up the hose and turn off your car.

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