Who are the cheap airlines to Dubai?

With an amazing new fleet of low-cost airlines ruling the sky to unlock key routes to this luxurious city, travelers and workers don’t need to break the bank to gain access. Dubai, the momentous hub of tourism and new trade in the Middle East, has unveiled its own versions of Europe’s budget jets to promote entry to the facility from previously unseen ports across Europe.

With capacity for an average of 34.4 million passengers each year, Dubai is easily the busiest airport in the Middle East. It handles a multitude of flights connecting East with West, and it does so with hardly a trace of sweat.

Home to a dazzling mishmash of luxurious casinos, hotels and resorts, Dubai has long been a top destination for tourists from Russia and other parts of the world with high disposable incomes. Hailed as the next city to join the ranks of cosmopolitan London, Paris and Tokyo, Dubai is a bustling city that comes alive with its colorful shopping, culture and gaming offerings.

With the introduction of low-cost airlines, one doesn’t need to be flush with oil money to visit this famous hub. For those wishing to spend a vacation of wonton elegance in the land of good fortune, flights are available from key destinations around the world for your convenience.

From the UK: When traveling from the UK, passengers can choose to take Aer Lingus flights to Dubai from Manchester, Birmingham or London Heathrow. The airline also flies from Shannon and Dublin in Ireland to the Emirate.

From Eastern Europe: Customers from the Eastern European area have the opportunity to reach the beautiful city through Smartwings and its always available offers in Prague, Czech Republic and Budapest, Hungary.

From India: Flying from India, one can take two options that cover a multitude of possible departure points. Air India Express offers flights from direct routes to Dubai from: Mumbai, New Delhi, Kochi, Chennai, Amritsar, Pune, Kozhikodi, Mangalore, Thiruvananthapuram and Tiruchirapally.

Jazeera, Dubai itself, on the other hand, has regular flights from India’s Mumbai, New Delhi and Kochi and Lanarca, Cyprus.

Following in the footsteps of Europe’s famous “cattle class” airlines such as EasyJet and RyanAir, Jazeera offers convenience at the flick of a finger. Internet reservations make up a good portion of their reservations, and special promotions are also given to those who book seats well in advance or at the last minute. Although significantly cheaper than major airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad, Jazeera offers premium seats on all its flights for those who want to travel in some form of luxury.

A new low-cost airline is expected to start flights to and from Dubai in the near future, a state-owned Emirates group company. The new airline is expected to compete with Air Arabia and use mainly single-aisle aircraft, perhaps Boeing 737s or the Airbus A320.

In fact, there is no better way to visit Dubai than now. While other big cities around the world are beginning to lose their commercial grip, Dubai is on its way to its heyday and doesn’t seem to want to stop. New York and Paris may want to step aside; Dubai is thirsty for its share of attention, and with its new armistice of transport planes taking passengers to and around the area, it looks like you’re getting more than you bargained for.

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